Friday, 15 June 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 24

  Mama mia..we're off to Italy this week with Darcy and the Postcard Challenge.
  Mama mia .. nous partons pour l'Italie cette semaine avec Darcy et le défi de carte postale.

 So what in more Italian than Pizza !!
Well if you check out the others postcards you will probably find out lots of facts you didn't already know from this neighbouring country.

 Quelle est donc plus italienne que la Pizza !!
Eh bien, si vous vérifiez les autres cartes postales vous trouverez probablement beaucoup de choses que vous ne connaissez pas de ce pays voisin.


 Simone has hit the beach but only for a week :-(

Dear Tim,
I'm on holiday. I'm in Sardinia where it is hot and sunny.
I have spent my week on the beach doing nothing. But a week is enough. Going back to work now.
You know me too well.

Simone xx

 Simone est sur la plage, mais seulement pour une semaine :-(

 Cher Tim,
Je suis en vacances. Je suis en Sardaigne où il fait chaud avec du soleil.
J'ai passé ma semaine sur la plage à ne rien faire. Mais une semaine suffit. De retour au travail dès maintenant. Tu me connais trop bien.

Simone xx

See you next week for another country !!
 Rendez-vous la semaine prochaine pour un autre pays !!

Alison xx


  1. I love that you make such unusual shapes for your postcards :D :D XXX

  2. VERY interesting card...another inspiration for me!! I love doing these projects because we learn from each other. Perhaps MY next card will be a differewnt shape!! Well Done!!

    Enjoy your weekend...

    1. Great idea for your postcard! Good thinking-outside-the-box.
      I could just eat a pizza now,

      Janet xx

  3. HOW fun PIZZA! LOVE it I tell ya & BTW thanks for making me hungry


  4. mmmmm great pizza, these weekly cards always leave me feeling hungry lol

  5. Sorta funny you did a pizza -thought of that but couldn't think of a way to make it unique BUT You Did!
    Great Job Alison.

  6. a great card, and a good idea.

  7. Fun card, yummy looking pizza, great idea.
    Jen x