Friday, 26 July 2013

Artful Readers Club July 2013

Back again for my monthly book review for the Artful Readers Club.

This month I read a wonderful book by Keith Cronin called Me Again.

I 'bought' it ages ago when it was free on Kindle and as the whole point of the ARC is to read books that have just been forgotten about, I had picked this one.

What an amazing piece of fiction - but it felt so real that by the end if I had been told that it was an autobiography then, I think, I would have believed it.

It's the story of Jonathan Hooper who wakes up after 6 years in a coma.
At first he doesn't remember anything about what had happened, who he was, where he was. In fact, he thought he was called Jesus as that's what all the medical staff around were saying.

And to be honest, he doesn't really remember much even when he starts to communicate with the doctors and his family. 
He had a drop, dead gorgeous girlfriend before, but he can't remember.
He had a great high flying accountants job, but now he doesn't understand numbers at all.
He has a mum, a dad and a brother, but he doesn't remember them.

Jonathan makes friends with Rebecca, a fellow stroke patient, at the same hospital as him.
And we follow their story towards recovery.

Jonathan has to learn to do everything again, including learning his animals and what sounds they make, which is where I took my inspiration for my page.

This truly is a feel good book.
My biggest suprise about this book was that it was written by a man. Normally men write thrillers, mysteries, science fiction, but Me Again is filled with emotion and charm. Well worth the read.

Alison xx


  1. So glad you enjoyed this story, sounds a fascinating read, and it is nice to have happy stories as well as intense ones in our lives :D (love the little piggy) :D XXX

  2. your animals are so cute! This does sound like a good read, glad you enjoyed it, and that ARC gave you the incentive to dig it out from the depths of your Kindle wasteland :)

  3. From the description of your book, it did sound like an autobiography. You did an excellent job of reviewing it. And of course, those cute animals are the perfect addition to the story. Very clever on both counts.

  4. This is such a fascinating topic. It reminds me of a film I once saw called 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly' about a man with ;locked in' syndrome, I think it's called. This sounds a very positive take on the situation. I love your illustration. Julie Ann x

  5. Oh, your little sleep and pig are so adorable! ♥
    Glad you enjoyed your read!

  6. Sounds like an inspiring book...hopeful! Pefect art for your read!

  7. I kind of giggled at the idea of a poor guy waking up after six years, and saying, "Hi, I'm Jesus." I know that wasn't what the book was about. It must be the fact that I just took two pain killers *sigh*

    Some men write really good emotion-filled fiction (i.e. Nicholas Sparks). But you are right, the norm leans towards the blood and guts and explosions.

    Love the pretty farm ;-)

  8. oh i am glad you got around to reading a book that you have had for ages, feels good to do that. Yes you are right, it is suprising to have a man write an emotive book, it does sound like a good read. Love the animals, reminds me of those sweeties in M&S, Percy pig.

  9. Sounds like a lovely uplifting read from your review. So glad you enjoyed it and it shows in your lovely artwork. Your animals are gorgeous - had to have a closer look how you did the sheep's topknot!

    Janet xx

  10. I like the relayionship you have made with the idea that he is so lacking in ordinary skills that he is back to early childhood and your artwork expresses it so well. How lovely it would be to see a whole menagerie of animals created by you like the pig snd sheep. And I can see why he thought his name was Jesus, a good sly joke on the part of the author.
    I think I would take to this book -

  11. Just went on Amazon, read the first page and was hooked, so I've bought it on my Kindle, Cheap but not free! Third book I've bought as a result of ARC, two so far this month! Thanks for the review.

  12. It does sound an intriguing book. I might have to look it up on Kindle too :)

    love the little animal illustrations.