Friday, 10 February 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 6

This week we are just heading next door to BELGIUM.

Tim visited Paris last week but did Simone open the door ??

Well.................. here is her reply........

Dear Timothy,
Thank you Tim ! The children were happy to see you again. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there. My work made me go the Brussels. I didn't have any choice.
I want to start again with you. We have spent too many years together.
I love you, Simone.

But there seems to be some hope - look at the stamp (Mr & Mrs) the biggest sign yet that all will be well.
For this card I used my new Watercolour pencils - a first for me. Hopefully I'll get them out again soon.

Cette semaine nous allons juste à côté en BELGIQUE.

La semaine dernière Tim s'est rendu à Paris, mais est-ce que Simone lui a ouvert sa porte ??

Eh bien ........voici sa réponse....

Il semble y avoir un peu d'espoir - regardez le timbre (M et Mme) le plus grand jusqu'à maintenant puisque tout ira bien.

Pour cette carte j'ai utilisé mes nouveaux crayons Aquarelle, c'est leur première sortie. J'espère que j'aurai l'occasion de les sortir encore bientôt.

Check out Darcy's blog for the rest of this week's cards.
Regardez sur le blog de Darcy pour les autres cartes de cette semaine.

Alison xx


  1. Well done in getting out the water colour pencils!
    Great postcard! I hope they will get together soon!

  2. Aaaaw! At least she didn't shut him out. We still don't know what he did to upset her do we...but if she can forgive him (or vice versa) we can be happy for them :D XXX

  3. Great that you have got out the watercolour pencils. This challenge is challenging in many ways! Interesting design on the postcard. I am showing my ignorance here - is it to do with physics or chemistry?

    Janet xx

  4. Great card! Love the softness the watercolors give.

  5. Ah, the Atomium... I wondered if anyone would put it on the postcard and here it is! Love it! ♥
    I think I have to read back since I have no clue why he went away and it seems out of the blue she's taking him back... :)

  6. Lovely card, I wish I had the courage and ability to draw so well. Caz

  7. great card, love the contrast between the background and the atomium

  8. Shame they missed each other, when will they get it together?


  9. Oh, I HOPE all will be well for Timothy and Simone!

  10. Great card and things looking more promising for Tim and Simone.
    Jen x

  11. Great mix of science and nature. Keeping my fingers crossed that T and S will get it together.....!

  12. difference postcard. very good, also great storyline

  13. Love your atomium! looks very cool! M

  14. Love the story and postcard.

  15. great work with your watercolour pencils.

  16. Great card of the sculpture. Isn't it fun that we all are trying out new tools and techniques in this challenge.

  17. Beautiful card! I wouldn't mind fish and chips right now either! Valerie

  18. Good work with the watercolour pencils. Story is getting more intriguing
    jan x