Friday, 24 February 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 8

This week has been the toughest challenge yet for Darcy's Postcard Challenge.
We are in Cuba.

Cette semaine a été la plus dure pour moi dans le Challenge de Cartes Postales qui organise Darcy .
Nous sommes à Cuba.

I finally went for cigars and I can't wait to see everyone elses cards to see what else Cuba is famous for !!
It's Simone who is visiting and she writes to Tim.

Dear Timothy,
Do you remember when we met ? The end of February 35 years ago.
We were young and free.
It's nearly time to retire. I love the idea of starting a new tradition.
Here's a cigar to celebrate.
Simone xx

Finalement j'ai décidé d'utiliser des cigares et j'ai hâte de voir les autres cartes pour connaître les autres gloires de Cuba.
C'est Simone qui est en voyage et elle écrit à Tim.

Alison xx


  1. I love your the cigar.

  2. Very original interpretation.

    Janet xx

  3. great cigar, very clever. I hope they get to celebrate, any excuse for a party.

  4. Wow, that's really pretty cool! Great job.

  5. simplicity and clean lines-perfect!

  6. LOVE the cigar! Your card is so inspired!

  7. Cigars popped into my head too! C'est magnifique!

  8. woo, really like the texture you have achieved with your cuban cigar postcard.

  9. What an inventive idea! Well done!

  10. That cigar looks fantastic! Great idea! :)

  11. aventures tres how you created the rolled cigar...aloha, Lei

  12. An interactive postcard, roll your own, brilliant idea. Like the info in the story that has them knowing each other for 35 years.
    Jen x

  13. Lovely unusual card :D...35 years since they met, and I'd pictured them much younger! :D XXX