Friday, 9 March 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 10

This week's country on Darcy's Postcard Challenge is CANADA.
Le pays de cette semaine pour le Challenge de Cartes Postales de Darcy est le CANADA.

This week I had my idea very quickly as we visited Canada about 6 years ago and I saw fireflies for the first time. It was so amazing I really felt like a child again as I stood watching them in wonder.

Cette semaine, j'ai eu mon idée très rapidement comme nous avons visité le Canada y a environ 6 ans et j'ai vu des lucioles pour la première fois. C'était tellement incroyable que je me suis vraiment sentie comme un enfant à nouveau en les regardant avec émerveillement.

This week Simone is visiting Montreal and writes to Tim...

Dear Tim,
Another country !
It is still fresh in Montreal this week.
For our trips..I want hot countries, simple countries, beaches .....some sun ...some peace.

Simone xx

Cette semaine Simone est en visite à Montréal et elle écrit à Tim...

Alison xx


  1. What a great memory of your holiday. Fireflies are an incredible sight. Like your naive postcard style.

    Janet xx

  2. Ahw, fireflies... Aren't they one of the most unbelievable creatures?
    Love your card! ♥

  3. Fireflies, we sometimes get them in the woods across the street...they make me feel in awe at the wonder of God's dancing lights. Cute bordering on your card too <3

  4. Oh how magical that must have been for you...we don't get anything like that in England :( Nice to see Simone planning for the future...and including Tim :D XXX

  5. Sweet card...I can feel it!!


  6. I hear fireflies are magical...hope to experience them at some point in my life...gorgeous. Simone has the right idea...sun, warmth, and peace....aloha.

  7. I've never seen fireflies, but I can imagine how magical they must look. Your lovely postcard must bring back happy memories for you.

  8. Fireflies are so magical - I love them. Nice card!

  9. I love the fireflies, too, they are so magical! Lovely postcard! The Birkenstock shop in Bad Honnef supplied me with 3 pairs of new sandals for the summer! Valerie

  10. What a cool idea! love the use of the black background to show off the fireflies, inspired! M

  11. That's a great idea! :) I love fireflies. They remind me of summer vacations when I was young. :)

  12. I've never seen fireflies, but your card makes it look magical

  13. Have only seen a number of fire flies together once, awesome they are. Great postcard.
    Jen x