Friday, 18 May 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 20

Simone is getting closer to home as she makes an unexcepted stop in Burkina Faso, this week in Darcy's Postcard Challenge.
Simone se rapproche de la maison car elle fait un arrêt inattendu au Burkina Faso, cette semaine au Déf de carte postale de Darcy.
My postcard was inspired by this Traditional Tiebele house decoration.
I love drawing geometric shapes like these. 
Ma carte postale a été inspiré par cette décoration de la maison traditionnelle Tiebele.
J'aime dessiner des formes géométriques de ce genre.
She writes to Tim...
I don't know how I ended up here. But they have promised me a week at home next week.
It is beautiful and warm  and I have visited a few school and the people are reliving are the floods of 2009.
I want my bed,
Simone xx

Simone ércit à Tim ........

Who knows where next week will take Tim ?? Come back and find out !!
Qui sait d'où la semaine prochaine prendra Tim? Revenez et découvrez!

Alison xx


  1. Love your card and how you have interpreted the house! Valerie

  2. Good postcard.a good your design.

  3. next week they won't be very far apart!!!

    love those houses, and the tessellations that you did on your card.

  4. Super! such a great card & yes OH yes my own bed

  5. Great geometric design for your card.

  6. I like how you used your inspiration, great idea and it looks great!

  7. That's a cool looking cottage. :) Great postcard!

  8. Great interpretation of the photo!

  9. Lovely little cottage - you have done a great job with the geometric design. I like the roof!

    Janet xx

  10. Oh Home sweet Home!-( I know I would miss my bed after awhile too) The geometics on these homes are amazing-Nice job re-creating it on your card.

  11. Ha Ha, we always say it our bed and our dogs we miss most when traveling - so your postcard made me laugh this week, love your geometric interpretation of the buildings, fab card.


  12. Love everything about your card this week! Great inspiration and wonderful design, very cool! M

  13. Super card, like the geometric drawing.
    Jen x

  14. Very cool card. Love the roof line you created. Very creative.