Friday, 6 April 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 14

This week we have travelled to Singapore with Darcy's postcard Challenge.
Cette semaine nous avons voyagé à Singapour pour le défi des cartes postales de Darcy.

This is the Google image that I have based my card on this week.
Voici l'image que j'ai trouvé sur Google et sur laquelle j'ai fondé ma carte cette semaine.

I've used Shimmer paint to give the sea a sparkly glint and the path of the moon shining down.
J'ai utilisé de la peinture chatoyante pour faire un reflet sur la mer scintillante et la voie de la lune.

Simone has travelled over there but her humour with Tim has not improved.
She writes...

Dear Tim,
There is no point shouting at me. I'm speaking from experience.
You have not always been there for us.
Is it not so !!
I'm fed up always being the one that apologises.
Don't forget your daughter.

Simone a voyagé là-bas, mais son humour avec Tim ne s'est pas amélioré.

Alison xx


  1. very evocative image,

    Singapore is very spangly


  2. Very shimmery! Love drawings done on a black background. Yours turned out really cool.

  3. Great inspiration, your card is fab! love the black card background too! M

  4. I love the card design!!!
    Very charming!

  5. great card, you can really see that shimmer in the water. Wow those two really are having a tough time of commuincating.

  6. Nice card! Love you're drawing.

  7. nice card, like the effect of the lights...good storyline.

  8. Great night time view of the harbour. Shimmery paints are perfect.

    Janet xx

  9. Wow great scene both with the postcard & the storyline

  10. Well, that must be some real anger there for the argument to go on through the post. :) Great night skyline postcard! Happy Easter! :)

  11. Sometimes people are better off separated, you know... Seems like there two aren't really meant to be together!
    Lovely skyline-at-night!!! ♥

  12. Super postcard, the shimmery reflection is great. Been away so a rather belated Happy Easter to you.
    Jen x