Friday, 28 December 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 52

 Oh my, it's the last card for Darcy's Postcard Challenge.
And I have really come to love my two characters and will miss them next week

Oh mon dieu, c'est la dernière carte pour le défi Carte postale de Darcy.
 Et j'ai vraiment appris à aimer mes deux personnages et ils vont me manquer la semaine prochaine.

For this last week, we are off to sunny Mexico and I have tried my drawing skills again. But I am very pleased with this sombrero on the Mexican flag.

Pour cette dernière semaine, nous partons pour le soleil du Mexique et j'ai essayé à nouveau mes compétences en dessin. Mais je suis très heureuse avec ce sombrero sur le drapeau mexicain.

Simone is the lucky one in the sun and she writes to Tim...

Dear Timothy,
I can play your game too.
I am spending the New Year in Mexico.
Your dream for a longtime, isn't it !!
It is warm.
I will be spending the first day of my new life on the beach.
Surrounded by my children and grand-daughter.
Peaceful as last.

So that is it. 
Simone has moved on with her life and left Tim. 
I hope she will be happy.

 Donc, c'est tout.
Simone a évolué avec sa vie et a quitté Tim.
J'espère qu'elle sera heureuse.

Next year, Darcy will be hosting a new challenge which starts next week.
Check out her blog for all the details.
I'll be posting my books on January 1st.

I would just like to say thank you to Darcy for this year's challenge, I have really enjoyed taking part.

L'an prochain, Darcy organisera d'un nouveau défi qui commence la semaine prochaine.
Consultez son blog pour tous les détails.
Je posterai mes livres le 1er Janvier.

Je voudrais juste dire merci à Darcy pour ce défi de cette année, j'ai vraiment aimé participer.

Alison xx


  1. Well drawn and congratulations for being here all the way through. I hope Simone will be happy, sounds like she has made a good start. All the best for 2013 to you.
    Jen x

  2. Congratulations to Simone...and you for finishing the challenge. It's been a pleasure meeting your characters and seeing your art :D XXX

  3. Love the hat and Mexican Flag. Congrats for finishing.

  4. lovely card makes me want do the dance!

    It's been fun traveling with y'all.


  5. Well done on completing the journey! I could sure do with being in that lovely Mexican sunshine.

    Janet xx

  6. good card.. well done for getting to the end. best wishes for the coming year.x

  7. thankyou for playing, you made some great art and kept up a lovely flowing storline. Looking forward to see ing your art in 2013.