Friday, 14 December 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 50

This week we are in Hawaii for Darcy's Postcard Challenge.

Cette semaine on se retrouve en Hawaii pour le Défi de Cartes Postale de Darcy.

 The state flower for Hawaii is the hibiscus, so I got out my old faithful stamp set of Greenhouse Garden to make some pale yellow flowers. I have used So Saffron and Rose Red to colour them.

 La fleur de l'état d'Hawaï est l'hibiscus, alors j'ai sorti mon vieux et fidèle jeu de tampon Greenhouse Garden de faire quelques fleurs jaune pâle. J'ai utilisé Tellement Safran et Rose-Rouge pour les couleurs.

Simone has got tougher with  Tim and writes to him...
 Simone est devenue plus sévères avec Tim et lui écrit ..

Dear Tim,
I will not be blackmailed into staying with you.
I have spoken to the children (remember, they are adults) and yea, they are not happy but they do understand.
Please contact me by my lawyer from now on.

Only two weeks left, come back to see how the story ends.
Que deux semaines, revenir pour voir comment l'histoire se termine.

Alison xx


  1. nice card, pretty colours you have used,,well done for keeping up with the challenge.. two more weeks to go..

  2. The hibiscus flowers are lovely. Tim only has two weeks to win her back, can he do it?
    Jen x

  3. Tim is a waste of space but I love the hibiscus flower in the Greenhouse Garden set.

    Janet xx

  4. lol - Tim

    Love the stamp & hibiscus flowers, wonderful color choice


  5. Great card, men hope she is happy without him.