Monday, 6 May 2013

May '13 Classes

May is a difficult month to arrange classes, as there is a public holiday attached to almost every weekend.
So I have decided to run my card class on 2 Saturdays this month to help out.

These dates will be the 11th of May and 25th of May.
We will be making 10 cards, 5 designs and 2 of each.

My craft class will be on the 18th of May and this month we will be preparing Mothers and Fathers day projects for the upcoming celebrations.

Mai est un mois difficile à organiser des cours, car il y a un jour férié attaché à presque chaque week-end.
J'ai donc décidé de se présenter ma classe de carte sur 2 samedis du mois pour aider.

Ces dates seront le 11 mai et le 25 mai.
Nous allons faire 10 cartes, 5 designs et 2 de chaque.

Ma classe creative sera le 18 mai et ce mois-ci nous sera la préparation des fetes des mères et des pères pour les célébrations à venir.

Alison xx

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  1. I'd love to come but, due to prior commitments (one of which is my wedding anniversary!) I think I'll have to duck out this month. I'll certainly try to get over in June though. Now I've found the way it'll be even easier!

    I liked your fishies on the LiM challenge!