Friday, 31 May 2013

The Artful Readers Club May 2013

This month for the Artful Readers Club I read a real chick lit book called

Three Girls and a Baby by Rachel Schurig

It was a very easy read but that's exactly what I wanted and needed this month.

It's the story of three friends, Ginny, Annie and Jen, who share a house together after they all finish college.

Ginny has a very on/off relationship with her boyfriend, Josh. They had dated all though college and when they broke up her friends took her side and never wanted Ginny to see Josh again.

Well in true chick lit timing, that's when Ginny finds out she is pregnant.
She decides to keep the baby.
But her employers, she's a nanny to 3 children, decide that having an unmarried mother is not what they want their kids to see, so Ginny ends up unemployed as well.

Annie and Jen are her rocks and help her out. 
Luckily, Annie has a friend who knows about a job going in a local bookstore which Ginny ends up getting.

Ginny finds love again and everything seems to be going well, until she bumps into Josh's mum at the doctors. Josh's mum is your typical evil mother-in-law and doesn't seem thrilled about becoming a grandma very soon.

Ginny has her beautiful baby, I won't tell you what she has, incase you want to read it.
And slowly her life with the baby sorts itself out and everyone ends up in a happy place, as per all chick lit.

I did really enjoy this book and may get the sequel to read over the summer.
Three Girls and a Wedding.

Alison xx


  1. I had to laugh at this book. It sounded like a fun, lighthearted read and I could tell you enjoyed it a lot.

    Ironically, the first thing that caught my eye from the first image was that arrow clip. It was adorable in its presence. And those baby tees hanging in a row are simply AWESOME.

  2. Great review Alison...sounds light and happily-ever-after-ish...I like that!! Your art is perfect for the book!! :)

  3. I love a good happy ending every now and then. And women helping each other out always gets me in a great mood. Also, I'm very curious about Josh's mom...

    Love your art. It looks like it should go with the book... Ha! I just read the end of Abby J's comment lol. Like I said, it goes very well with the book ;-)

  4. Sounds like a fun easy read just the kind I like. :) Great review and I love your baby art. :)

  5. What a lovely upbeat image of the baby clothes on the line! Can't say I've always found being a mum quite such a breeze; but it's nice to focus on the fun side of things sometimes and - yes - women helping each other out as Magaly says is always good to hear about. A lovely, lively review and elegant artwork. Thanks for sharing. x

  6. You could almost use your second piece as a baby birth announcement - keep the recipients guessing until they open the card (although of course by the time they get the card nowadays they will know everything about the baby from Facebook :))

    Glad you enjoyed your book , as you say, difficult and heavy books have their place but so do nice happy easy reads

  7. Such a cheerful review and it was obvious you enjoyed your book. Great card and perfect for the plot.

    Janet xx

  8. Sounds like a nice light read and I do like happy endings. Love the line of baby suits.
    Jen x

  9. seems like a good lighthearted, happy ending book. I am glad you enjoyed it. i love the paper clip you used, I notice that Elizabeth commented on it too. It is the first thing i saw and somehow is just perfect.

  10. There are times when this kind of book is just perfect for a good read, and in fact they do cover serious issues affecting women, but in an easy-reading way. Your book jacket is perfect too, perhaps the publishers should use it for a re-print.
    The baby clothes on their hangars are sweet, and I agree this would make a great card.

  11. Sounds like the sort of book I turn to when I've had my fill of crime and horror. Your artwork is cute and I suspect fits the feel of the book perfectly. x

  12. Can just imagine reading this under a parasol in the garden with a tall cool drink :D. We all need a guarenteed happy ending now and then :D XXX

  13. I love chick lits right before bedtime! They give me happy dreams!!!
    Love your card! Too bad I'm not having a baby... It would be amazing to find in the mailbox! ♥

  14. I love a happy ending and this sounds like the perfect quick happy read love the cute art work as well Dxx

  15. Great review and wonderful art! I enjoy happy endings.

  16. Great to know that the book was perfect for you this month. Sometimes all we need is a nice easy read.