Friday, 10 August 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 32

Sorry not had to to do the front of the card for this week, 
but here is Simone's reply to Tim distressing letter.

Désolé pas eu à faire le recto de la carte pour cette semaine,
mais voici la réponse de Simone à la lettre pénible de Tim.

Dear Tim,
I know you are frustrated for the moment, but I promise you that it is for your own well being.
Try to take advantage of all the help you are receiving.
We will all be there for you at the end.
I will help you to live.
We are husband and wife after all.

How will Tim take to being financed by Simone ?? Not well I guess !!
Comment Tim prendre pour être financé par Simone? Pas bien j'imagine !!

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Consultez le blog de Darcy pour toutes les autres cartes.

Alison xx


  1. at least she is not giving up on him..

  2. Hooray for Simone!

    Janet xx

  3. Standing by her man, he is lucky.
    Jen x