Friday, 19 October 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 42

 This week we are going somewhere even colder than last week....Russia
Cette semaine, nous allons quelque part encore plus froid que la semaine dernière, la Russie ....
pour le défi de carte postale de Darcy.

I have known for sometime what image I wanted to use for this challenge.
I really hope that one day I get the opportunity to visit Moscow and see the beautiful cathedral.

Je savais depuis longtemps l'image que je voulais utiliser pour ce défi.
J'espère vraiment qu'un jour j'aurai l'occasion de visiter Moscou et de voir cette belle cathédrale.

Simone writes..
Dear Tim,
I love Moscow in autumn. The sky is grey and sombre. This year it is the same as my mood.
I'm fed up Tim. I want us to talk and that everything is sorted out by the end of the year.

Oh dear, she really does sound fed up. Will Tim try and get things sorted out??

Oh là là, elle a vraiment ras le bol. Est-ce que Tim tentera de faire avancer les choses ??

Alison xx


  1. Super postcard of the famous cathedral, love the domes. Hope these two get sorted. Shame to be so at odds when they clearly care.
    Jen x

  2. Super image of St. Basil's. You and I were on the same wavelength this week!

    Janet xx

  3. Wonderful, love the simple nature of your shapes that form into great architecture.


    yes it's time to sort it out <3

  4. a good image and colours.. hope it gets sorted not long to go..

  5. Love the domes, fab colours, it's so much fun when we finally arrive in a country that you just know what you want to do! M

  6. Love the card, and will they sort it out?